Samsung Display has patented several new devices, displays which can change the size

The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks (United States Patent and Trademark Office) granted Samsung’s Display has patents for several new types of displays.

The first image shows the device with an elongated display, which, presumably, can be stretched in one plane.

The second and third pictures show the tablet in the form factor clamshell, the display of which in the unfolded state becomes twice larger. According to another version, this is another device, the display of which can stretch. Accurate reviews on these patents no.

In this image we see folded in half, the device, from the enclosure which may be a mechanical keyboard.

This diagram shows a mechanism that can be used in order to realize the idea of a stretchable displays. In the description of the patent mentioned conductive polymers, carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Finally, the last picture makes us remember that not all patents find their embodiment in real products.



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