Samsung did not notice the expiration of the registration of a domain responsible for software installed on millions of smartphones

Sometimes in large companies with their complex structures are very primitive things.

According to the source, Samsung has left millions of its customers defenseless to hackers. The point is that the company admitted the expiration of the registration of a domain, which is responsible for the application’s Suggest.

Samsung has discontinued support and install S Suggest back in 2014, but given the huge number of smartphones that have sold and sold, the world is clearly active millions of vehicles of those model years on which it is running.

S Suggest is a widget for your desktop that displays the recommended user, ensure compatibility of this software with specific Samsung smartphone.

And recently, domain having this app is a direct relationship ceased to belong to Samsung. If not Gouveia joão (João Gouveia), who served as chief technical specialist Anubis Labs, the domain could be captured by the attacker, who via access to the system software in millions of smartphones could make troubles. But Gouveia first noticed the problem and bought the domain.

However, perhaps the problem actually was not, as Samsung assures that this domain is not allowed in any way to harm the smartphones.

Gouveia also noted that for the first day he recorded 620 million checks connections to this domain from around 2.1 million unique devices. He claims that the control system’s Suggest not only allow you to remotely reboot the device, but also forced to install third-party software. Also specialist Anubis Labs said that he wants to return the domain Samsung.



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