Samsung demonstrated the first stretchable AMOLED display

A few days ago it became known that Samsung has developed a stretchable AMOLED display. This screen can be bent in both directions. In addition, it can bend in both directions at a height of 12 mm.

Now at the exhibition SID 2017 the company has demonstrated its development.

It is based on AMOLED panel produced using the LTPS technology, which is placed on stretchable thin-film substrate. The screen size is 9.1 inches, resolution unknown.

As seen in the image, the pixels of the panel are separated by a stretchable regions, and are caused by the properties of the screen as a whole. The maximum brightness is declared at the level of 300 CD/m2. According to the table, the thickness of the screen is very large: 10 mm.

It should be noted that there are no plans for commercial use of such solutions from Samsung yet, as it is unlikely that such screens will hit the market in the coming years. You may recall that flexible AMOLED panel the Korean giant shows for many years, but so far not a single serial device with a flexible screen on the market failed.



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