Samsung could give the Galaxy S8 the ability to shoot in portrait mode

The Google edition smartphones Pixel of the second generation showed that to obtain the «portrait» photos with background blur it is not necessary to use dual camera.

However, how well these pictures make the new Google, we have yet to learn. Also, it is possible that soon these capabilities Pixel 2 can be compared with the capabilities of the Galaxy S8.

As we know, the latter is also only one main camera, and the porter of the shooting mode is not at all. But it might be. At least that’s what promised support Samsung one of the owners of this smartphone.

As you can see, the user is asked whether to expect the porter of the mode for the Galaxy S8 with the release of the next update, what technical support said that information yet, but the company hopes that users will receive the appropriate mode in the next update. Of course, there are likely that it’s just a mistake particular to the technical support Manager. Anyway, soon it will become clear.



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