Samsung continues to disable smartphones Galaxy Note7 from the mobile network. In turn, Australia

As you know, not all owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 returned them during the appropriate campaign. Perhaps someone decided that the percentage of fires too small and it will not touch it, and someone simply heard nothing about any problems. Anyway, the Korean company moved on to more serious steps to protect users.

A month ago, within a kind of experiment in New Zealand, Samsung has agreed with the operators and smartphones Note7 has been disconnected from the cellular network. The devices remain fully functional only lose the ability to call and send SMS.

December 15 the same procedure turned by in Australia. This to do with smartphones Note7 in the country will be disconnected from the network. According to Samsung, this should finally convince «a small number» of opponents of the idea of the return of the smartphone is still to get rid of the potentially dangerous device.



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