Samsung confirmed the release of the 7 — and 11-nm Soc in 2018

Samsung has confirmed that next year it will start production of the new single-chip systems for smartphones middle and upper price segments. The new SoC will be made using the 11-nanometer of technological process of LPP, which will be an updated version of the 14-nanometer process technology used for production of Snapdragon 660 and 630.

11-nanometer single-chip system Samsung should be 15% more productive, the area of the chip will decrease by 10%, while energy consumption will remain at the same level. The new SoC will arrive in the first half of 2018.

In July of this year, Samsung acquired the machine, which will produce 7-nanometer single-chip system Apple A12. Production will be carried out lithographically in the hard ultraviolet range.

Samsung has confirmed the start of production of 7-nanometer single-chip systems planned for the second half of next year, when the market will be the next generation iPhone.

15 September will take place in Japan Samsung Foundry Forum, which may be announced the first information about a 6-nanometer process technology.



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