Samsung confirmed the information about overheating smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 of the new party

Samsung is making every effort to smooth the situation around the Samsung Galaxy Note7, batteries, which can ignite and even explode, which was repeatedly confirmed by real users.

A new batch with reliable batteries are already enrolled in the USA, next week sale Samsung Galaxy Note7 should resume in the country, in South Korea. However, an already difficult situation can significantly complicate the following news.

According to the publication The Wall Street Journal, the program is a replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Seoul was launched at the beginning of this week. Now, some buyers received a report that they overheat when charging and very quickly lose energy. On Friday, this information was confirmed in the press service of Samsung.

While such information is obtained only from South Korea, the company did not say whether the registered cases of overheating of the smartphones in other countries. The number of cases is also not yet known.

Press attache Samsung said that the problem has nothing to do with the battery of the smartphone, adding that the company continues to study it.

Amid this news the company’s shares yesterday fell 2.9% after five days of growth.

In Europe, sales of the smartphone is scheduled to resume in two months.



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