Samsung can show Galaxy S8 in March or even February, but sales will start in April

Sources report that Samsung may release a small batch of smartphones Galaxy S8 earlier than the device will be launched.

More specifically, it says that the manufacturer will demonstrate several devices in March or even February, whereas the start of sales is scheduled for mid-April. The mass production of new items will start in March. It is expected that the first batch will include 5 million vehicles. For the year, as we reported, Samsung intends to sell 60 million smartphones.

In February, Samsung will begin to get components for Galaxy S8. In particular, scanners iris Partron and lenses for cameras Sekonix. Adapters wireless interfaces Samsung Electro-Mechanics and modules Amotech NFC the Korean giant will start receiving in March.

It is unclear why Samsung to show Galaxy S8 long before the release of the smartphone, and in what format will be held this announcement.



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