Samsung Bixby experiencing difficulties with learning other languages

Personal assistant Bixby, which debuted in the Samsung Galaxy S8, was presented as a worthy rival Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

However, the smartphone was released to the market only with the support of the Korean language, while Samsung has promised to quickly expand the list of supported languages. The piquancy of the situation makes the fact that millions of newly minted owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ got smartphones with a separate hardware button that cannot be programmed to another action.

A week ago it became known that Samsung Electronics plans to hold a closed beta test of English version of Bixby for a limited number of owners of Samsung Galaxy S8, however, the timing of testing and launch of the final version were not disclosed.

The publication of the Investor, citing unnamed reliable informant reports that Samsung has faced problems in teaching Bixby other languages, in particular, is critical to conquering the world market of English and Chinese.

«Bixby still shows poor linguistic abilities, if to compare the new voice assistant Siri, and with Alexa,» said the source.



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