Samsung believes that it has paid in full with the former owners of Galaxy Note7

In South Korea, some 2,400 former owners of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7 signed on to a class action case against Samsung, the main requirement of which is the payment of additional cash compensation of approximately $426 each.

It is important to understand that they have already or got full refund of their devices, or share them on Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, as stipulated revocable campaign, and now require additional compensation.

Their position, they argue that the problem Samsung Galaxy Note7 forced them to delay the case and to visit the shop at least four times. The first time they came to buy a smartphone in the second — to check out which party was the device. Third visit was due to a replacement on the smartphone of the new party, and finally the fourth time they came, to return the device after the start revocable campaign.

In court representatives of Samsung said that the company is not required anything extra to compensate users who have already received their money back or a new smartphone. Samsung insists that the company did so with the users are the most honest, losing connection with review Samsung Galaxy Note7 several billion dollars.

It is clear that this action could lead for Samsung «only» one million dollars in additional losses, but here, it seems, the company decided to go on principle.



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