Samsung Artik s — protected wireless computing modules for the IoT

Samsung this week introduced a secure wireless computing modules Artik s, designed for the IoT, and the services platform Artik. According to the manufacturer, now the platform Artik ensures that the data in the bundle «device-cloud», allowing you to develop and deploy secure, interoperable products and services at different IoT applications, from smart homes to high-tech enterprises.

Modules Artik entitled processing resource, memory and connectivity options, designed for sensors, controllers, household appliances, medical devices and gateways.

Protected modules Artik s is equipped with unique identifiers and keys stored in tamper-resistant storage. Public key infrastructure PKI Samsung provides mutual authentication, which gives the cloud the ability to identify each device in the network and to support the «white» list. Users can use the new function of secure boot (Secure Boot) and the portal for verification codes, via digital signatures during the launch phase. In addition, the modules Artik s provide a safe execution environment with hardware protection (TEE) within the OS and library to work with confidential resources, including tokens and keys. Data protection is provided by encryption FIPS 140-2.

In addition, the company Samsung announced that the Artik IoT platform will be fully integrated with SmartThings Cloud is a new Samsung unified platform for the Internet of things. This will allow devices made by Samsung and other manufacturers to interact with each other and with cloud services.

Services secure platform is already available. Modules Artik s should begin on November 30.


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