Samsung and VMware show the first rack software-defined VTS with caching SSD NVMe

VMware and Samsung Electronics in the framework of the strategic partnerships developed, according to their calculations, the first fully functional prototype of the rack software-defined computing center (software-defined data center, SDDC) at VMware Cloud Foundation, which uses SSDs with NVMe support. The prototype included in the exhibition Samsung on the VMworld exhibition in 2016, which opened today in Las Vegas.

Stand includes six servers Dell R730XD, each with two Samsung NVMe drive PM1725 in the caching tier and six drives Samsung PM863 SATA link storage. The prototype demonstrates the allocation of resources to the work domain and deploy applications to the cluster VMware vSphere host for which is the worker domain.

PM1725 drives that use flash memory V-NAND, NVMe conform to the specification 1.2. They include PCIe Gen-3 x8, which allows to obtain read speeds of up to 6 GB/s, write speed up to 1.9 GB/s read performance 1 million IOPS and write performance 140 thousand IOPS. The resource drive is five complete rewrites per day for five years.

Drives Samsung PM863 size 2.5 inch available with capacity from 120 GB to 3.84 TB. They also use flash memory V-NAND.

Source: Samsung



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