Samsung and Viv Labs has shared the first details about artificial intelligence Bixby, which will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S8

As has been reported, one of the program innovations of the new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 should be advanced service virtual assistant with artificial intelligence.

As reported by various sources, the service may receive the name of Bixby. During the press conference, which was held on Friday, Vice President of Samsung Ri In Jeong (Rhee In-jong), as well as the founders of Viv Labs Adam Cheyer (Adam Cheyer) and Dag Kittlaus (Dag Kittlaus) told the first details about the new service.

«We are creating an entirely new interface and open system of artificial intelligence, noted In Ri Jong. Modern smartphones Galaxy use different applications when users want to enjoy a coffee or a pizza. The new platform will allow you to place orders and perform other tasks without using special applications».

Adam Cheyer, Dag Kittlaus and Ri In Jeong

«Developers of third-party applications and services can bind them to our aide, he added. Even if Samsung itself will do nothing to improve the operation of the platform, the more services will learn and study the system, the more intelligent it will become».

«Our children ask how we grew up without the Internet? And our children’s children will ask another question — how do you grow without artificial intelligence,» summed up Adam Cheyer.



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