Samsung and Qualcomm are working on a SoC Snapdragon 845

In early April, there appeared information that Samsung Electronics has started the development of its next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Today’s edition of The Investor with reference to Aju Business Daily reported that Samsung Electronics and Qualcomm have also developed single-chip system Snapdragon 845, which will debut in the Samsung Galaxy S9. The production of Snapdragon 845 can do Samsung or TSMC.

Recall, a single-chip system Snapdragon 835 Samsung produces using 10-nanometer technological process. For some time Snapdragon 835 can be found only in the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S8 S8+ and Xiaomi Mi 6. Probably, from-for Galaxy S8 first batch of Xiaomi Mi 6 comprises a total of 80 million smartphones.



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