Samsung and Microsoft assured that dealing with the issues raised by the publication of WikiLeaks, but nothing concrete has been promised

As we reported yesterday, Apple has reacted to the controversial publication by WikiLeaks revealing large-scale surveillance of the CIA by citizens. Copertina stated that many of the described in the documents of the vulnerability is now fixed and the company continues to work to improve the security of iOS.

Then made his statement and some other companies, whose interests touched on CIA documents. For example, Microsoft has limited itself to saying that it was aware of the report and is investigating the matter.

Made his statement and Samsung. The fact that Samsung smart TVs, according to the documents, are one way of spying on users. A special exploit was made Samsung TV to record all the sounds, that capture the device’s microphone, and then sent the records of the CIA. All this worked even when switched off (not from network) TV, as in fact the device is not switched off completely. The software was created by the CIA together with the British service MI5.

Samsung, like Microsoft, said that she was aware of the report to WikiLeaks and the company is urgently studying the data. The Korean giant also assured that the protection of confidential user data and device security is a top priority for the company.

There is no doubt that the company will eliminate all or most vulnerabilities. But leaves no doubt about the fact that the CIA and similar structures in other countries will always find new ways of spying on ordinary people. The only question is, why with such impressive capabilities of the security services, the crime rate has not yet decreased to the minimum values.



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