Samsung and Mercedes-Benz propose to use the smartphone as a key to the car

No cost for IFA 2016, and without announcement on the automobile market. Samsung and Mercedes-Benz showed the possibility of interaction between smartphone and car.

Feature called Digital Car Key and it represents the ability to use the smartphone as a wireless key to access the car.

Enough to bring the Samsung smartphone to lock the car and it opens. Function works with NFC so that smartphones can be used in the form of a key. However, owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles are unlikely to buy a budget model.

Special attention has been paid to the security of this method, as it uses a hardware security feature for eSE (embedded Secure Element). In addition, the range of NFC is very small. By the way, talking about the fact that access to cars can be obtained and turned off the smartphone. However, this is already a moot point, since a mobile device can simply steal.

While the company has not said when the technology will find application in production cars.



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