Samsung and LG are preparing to release iPhone 8 new versions of their flagships

Sources report that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is preparing to release the iPhone 8, planning to release new versions of their flagship smartphones.

As for Samsung, this South Korean manufacturer is planning to offer customers the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ popular among the female audience the color Rose Gold.

In addition, Samsung’s going to start selling remanufactured Samsung Galaxy Note7, which are called Galaxy Note FE (Fandom Edition). In South Korea, such devices will be sold for $ 625. The source says that pre-orders for these devices has placed more than 15 thousand Koreans.

LG is credited with the intention to release a version of the smartphone LG G6 with 32 and 128 GB of flash memory. At the moment the only solution available on the market in South Korea version is equipped with 64 GB of non-volatile memory.

The new version will cost respectively 700 and $ 880, the older version will additionally include support for wireless charging technology.

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