Samsung and LG are investing in the production of flexible OLED panels of more than 10 billion dollars, expecting to receive orders Apple

According to the source, LG Display and Samsung Display only this year invest more than $ 10 billion in the production of flexible OLED panels to receive orders for production of panels for smartphones Apple next-generation iPhone. According to analysts, these record investments represent a deadly fight in the market of flexible OLED panels.

Now Samsung Display owns 95% of world production of OLED panels small and medium size. To strengthen their position, the leader of the industry in the current quarter provided a further $ 4.47 billion dollars, so that total investments for the year reached 9.7 billion dollars. LG has planned to allocate for development of approximately $ 4.5 billion.

As you know, Apple is going to use OLED smartphone displays starting with the iPhone 8, which should be out in about a year. Given the volume of sales of smartphones Apple, the company will need at least 100 million panels per year. No doubt, this order can handle only the Samsung Display. It is not surprising that Samsung Display plans to the first half of next year to increase the performance of your enterprise A3 Line from the current 15 000 wafers per month to 70,000 wafers per month. The latter figure corresponds to the production for the year by about 170 million panels with a size of 5.5 inches diagonally.

LG Display expects to begin mass production of flexible OLED panels at the factory E5 Line in the first half of 2017. The company hopes to get orders for the supply of panels for the following models Apple iPhone SE.

We will remind, the information that the smartphone Apple next generation iPhone will get OLED screens, recently confirmed by the President of ibuypower. This company was recently under the control of Foxconn, too, hopes to supply Apple with OLED panel. However, the implementation of plans takes time. The factory, which Foxconn and Sharp are going to build in China, it will work until 2019.

Source: Patently Apple

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