Samsung accused of inflating data on pre-orders for the Galaxy S8

On 1 April the company Samsung has opened in 40 cities of South Korea special stands, where visitors can try out a Samsung Galaxy S8. For two weeks these stands was visited by 1.6 million people.

Previously, Samsung said that only at home she plans to collect more than one million pre-orders for the new smartphone. But some analysts are skeptical about this. Speak even speculate that Samsung deliberately overstates the data already collected about the pre-orders.

«Most of the pre-orders could be a figment of the imagination of Samsung, said during a press-conference of the Association of Korea Korean distributors Mobile Distributors Association by one of its members. — Due to the fact that Samsung collects data from mobile operators and independent distributors, there is a high probability of double counting».

Samsung has already commented on this statement, noting that there are no calculation errors, and adding that demand Galaxy S8 is huge, several times bigger than the previous model.

«The final number of pre-orders may be different, but we have no reason to inflate data».

Samsung Galaxy S8 will go on sale at the end of the week.



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