Samsung accelerates the development of technology of micro-LED TVs

South Korean company Samsung Electronics is accelerating work related to advanced display technology known as micro-LED. Samsung expects that this technology will replace the technology of quantum dots and allow the company to increase the share in the upper segment.

As stated, implementing the chosen strategy, Samsung is negotiating the purchase of a certain Taiwanese company that develops micro-LED. Presumably, this company PlayNitride. Recall, purchase intent PlayNitride Samsung is credited with for quite some time. The company Samsung this information is not confirmed.

A few years ago Samsung abandoned the use of TVs with OLED technology and focused on the technology of quantum dots, enabling to improve the liquid crystal panel. However, sales of TVs with screens quantum dots have proved unconvincing. Greater success in the upper segment the company has achieved LG bet on OLED. In the end, the share of Samsung in the upper segment (TVs cost $2,500 and more) in 2015, which constituted 57.7 per cent, in 2016, decreased to 20.3%. At the same time, the share of LG increased from 17.5% to 43,1%.

LG is also showing interest in the technology of micro-LED. In addition, major market participants in this area are Apple and Sony, hoping to use the micro-LED TVs, mobile and wearable devices.



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