Sales of wearable electronics Apple fell by 71%, while Samsung’s sales grew by 89.9 percent

IDC analysts have estimated the market of wearable electronics for the third quarter of this year. And they came to the conclusion that the market grew over the year, but only 3.1%. However, as we have already noted, this situation is due to only one reason — a significant decline in sales of Apple, which leads the market of smart watches and is among the five largest manufacturers of wearable electronics.

In particular, now Apple is in fourth place with a share of 4.9% due to the 1.1 million sold in the quarter hours. And this corresponds to a drop of 71% compared to last year when Apple held 17.5% of the market. If you don’t count the results of the copertina, the market has grown much stronger. But do not take their results impossible.

So, partly thanks to indicators Apple activity trackers of different kinds is 85% of the market of wearable electronics. The market leader in General is the Fitbit. The company holds a 23% market share for the quarter and has sold 5.3 million units, which is 11% higher than a year ago.

In second place is Xiaomi, which sold for a quarter of the 3.8 million units, corresponding to growth of 4%. Share Xiaomi is 16.5%. Closes the three leaders of the Garmin with a share of 5.7%. The manufacturer sold 1.3 million devices by increasing the index by 12.2%. In fifth place is Samsung. The Korean giant is 4.5% of the market and it can be assumed that the results of the current or next quarter the company will overtake Apple. More precisely, Apple will decline so that it falls to the level below. Samsung also sold 1 million units, which is 89.9% more than in the third quarter of last year.


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