Sales of smartphones Apple iPhone 8 may start with a delay

This fall is expected to launch the smartphone Apple with OLED display and 3D camera. According to the source, the announcement of the device will be held in September, but sales can begin later than scheduled. The reason for the difficulties with the 3D camera.

However, the delay is only a few weeks, so the manufacturer will have time to grab a seasonal rise in demand.

In the recent past this situation has already occurred with another product Apple AirPods wireless headphones. They were announced along with the iPhone 7 in September of last year, but the sale was only on December 13.

Mentioned 3D camera only models with a display type OLED. It will be used in the applications of augmented reality for face recognition. the other Two models of Apple new generation will be similar to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Source: Business Insider



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