Sales of single-chip systems for tablets increased for the first time in two years

Analysts at Strategy Analytics say that after two years of recession the market of single-chip systems for tablets returned to growth.

More specifically, in the first half of this production was sold at $ 984 million, corresponding to growth of 5%.

Leaders in this market are Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung. So, Apple took 37% of the market in monetary terms, Intel is 18%, Qualcomm — 16%. Thus in quantitative terms, indicators of the source does not. Besides stated that the growth of the market in General due to the increase in the average selling price of the tablet, due to the reorientation of many producers on the model of the upper price segment.

Accordingly, such tablets use more expensive platform, which resulted in the growth of the market in monetary terms. In quantitative, it is possible to have a collapse.

Analysts also noted that the tablets that use x86-compatible CPU for the first half accounted for 14% of the market (in quantitative terms), while the previous year was only 10%. Simply put, the share of tablets with Windows grew.


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