Sales of motherboards this year will be reduced by 5-10%

According to the source, referring to representatives of the supply chain, this year the expected reduction of sales of motherboards by 5-10%. The main factor named by the weakening demand in China. The decline in sales would adversely affect the performance of manufacturers of printed circuit boards and chips.

The largest market participants — Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology — are likely in 2017 will be busy holding positions. To this end, they will go for lower prices. As a result, the producers of second and third tier will not be easy.

Asustek and Gigabyte have already faced reduced demand in the past year. Asustek shipped for the year to 17 million motherboards, including the 8.5-9 million people in China. Gigabyte shipped worldwide 16 million motherboards in China — 8-8. 5 million For comparison: in 2015, they shipped a total of about 35 million motherboards. By the way, this figure was 10% lower than 2014.

In monetary terms, Asustek and Gigabyte have been able to keep sales at the same level, as increased sales of more expensive high end boards, including gaming.

Source: Digitimes


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