Sales of gaming PCs and accessories are showing good growth

GfK analysts say that in the first half of the current year components for a gaming PC was one of the main factors of growth for manufacturers.

In monetary terms, over this period, sales of gaming desktops grew by 55%, and gaming mobile PC — 24%. Overall revenues of this market in the first half amounted to 1.5 billion euros, but this is excluding North America, which analysts somehow is not considered.

The strongest growth was recorded in Asia and the Pacific: 67%. There was implemented a gaming PC in the amount of 522 million euros. The increase of 42%, surprisingly, showed and Eastern Europe (including Russia).

Sales of gaming accessories increased by 56%, reaching 1.1 billion euros. Gaming monitors and all showed sales growth of 114%. Analysts have noted a significant increase in the demand for monitors 24 inches high frame rate and curved panels. In General, the monitors not only the fastest growing segment of gaming accessories, but also the most profitable. Sales of this category of goods in the first half brought 597 million euros. For comparison, gaming mouse brought 130 million euros, keyboard — € 117 million, of the headset 210 million euros.


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