Sales of activity trackers over the next four years will grow by only 7 million units

To evaluate the market of wearable electronics have decided to analysts Berg Insight. According to their data, last year sales of wearable electronics devices amounted to 96.5 million units, down 21.4 million more than a year earlier.

Analysts predict that in 2021 the sale of this type of device made 262,5 million. This corresponds to an annual growth of approximately 22.2%. Of these 262 million 26,8 million devices will have their own cellular modems.

If you only talk about smart watches, this year we will have sold 35 million units, which is 66% higher than a year earlier. Overall, about substantial growth of this particular category of wearable electronics, analysts say. Of activity trackers this year will be sold 74 million units. However, in 2021 they will be implemented slightly more: 81 million devices.

Analysts also are predicting growth of solutions to the segment of smart clothing. In the same year 2021 the world will have sold about 18.3 million units of such products, while last year the figure was equal to only 1.56 million


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