Sale workstations for the year increased by 20%

Analysts Jon Peddie Research (JPR) summed up the results of the fourth quarter of 2016 on the market of workstations. By their calculations, sales amounted to 1.23 million units, an increase compared to the same quarter of 2015 by 20.1%. If we take into account the monetary value of the market increased by 18.6%.

Analysts say that such rapid growth has not been since 2010. Moreover, the high rate of growth then, due to the previous significant decline during the crisis. If it miss, it turns out that the current rise is matched only by the growth experienced in 2006.

As can be seen in the illustration, the market leader in workstations is HP, whose share is 38%. Behind it with small backlog follows company Dell, whose share is equal to 35% of the market. Third place belongs to Lenovo, which occupies 14% of the market.

Source: JPR


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