Sale edge-to-edge smartphones next year will have tripled

Recently, the smartphone market is clearly visible tendency towards reducing the frames around the display. This is clearly seen on the new flagship of Samsung and LG, and rumors related to future innovations of various manufacturers.

According to analysts Counterpoint Technology Market Research, next year such devices will be much more. Now manufacturers inhibits the deficit of the respective displays. This is especially true of panels with an aspect ratio of 18:9, and the like. But next year the problems with accessibility in General will be agreed that will allow more companies to issue the relevant smartphones.

As a result, in the current year the share of iron in one form or another smartphone will not exceed 7%, which corresponds to of 115.1 million devices, but in the next figure will rise more than threefold, to 360,2 million vehicles. This will clearly be achieved including due to the emergence of relatively inexpensive frameless models.


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