Safari style: modern styles of a “hot” fashion

Whether the right to existence of the Safari-style urban images of modern fashionistas? How feminine bows look with this mixed color associated with us since the solar Africa and vast deserts.

Today, the Safari style at its peak. It is used to create a variety of images from moderate and business to everyday.

Clothing in Safari style appropriate in all situations. It is not surprising that ladies prefer a light sandy hue for the office or bows images for active pastime.

Features Safari style 2018

To define the strict limits of the style Safari is very difficult. It represents a mix of sports, casual and military-inspired styles.

The founders of the modern style of «urban predators» are African hunters who dressed in comfortable and practical clothes sand color.

It has some features that radically distinguish it from colonial and other styles:

  • this files most often for shirts and pants made of natural fabrics – cotton, linen, knitwear, therefore, in such clothes in any season comfortable. For hot climates these material properties is indispensable.

  • use the sand color is not accidental, in the hot season wearing dark clothing is not acceptable. Beige color – durable and practical, also allows to merge with the landscape.

The main colors of Safari style brown, olive, sagebrush, khaki, beige, light gray and other shades that are present in abundance in the African desert.

  • monotony a long time clothes of sand played a very practical role. Modern designers have a variety monochrome clothing in Safari style and have decorated with its animal and floral prints.

The leader among decorative sand clothing prints copies the colors of the skins of wild animals – giraffe, leopard, tiger.

  • loose fit – modern stage of development of the style denies the strict style, preferring simple cut of clothing which will be easy to move and protect the body from the scorching sun.
  • decorative elements – practicality should be in everything, it is primarily concerned with the Safari style.

Clothes in African style, replete with patch pockets, wide belts with big buckles, laces, metal buttons, etc.

  • accessories – they are given special attention. They should be as simple with a hint of military style. Best to complement the image in the Safari style will large roomy backpacks, scarves and scarf in airy fabrics, practical shoes on the large-soled shoes with lacing.

The main elements of Safari style

Style African travellers includes such main components as:

  • jacket sand color – an indispensable article of clothing, able to emphasize Luke urban. Most often it is made from natural materials – cotton, linen and decorated with large patch pockets.

  • jumpsuit – combine 2 trendy style element – a shirt and tapered trousers. Leathers indispensable for outdoor activities and long trips, however, this way is not valid for business meetings and events.

  • shirt dress with belt – perfect combination of feminine shapes and muted colors. A similar outfit blends harmoniously into the casual summer look.


  • shorts podvorotni, Bermuda

  • a circle skirt is a popular model that allows you to create a romantic image. Loose fit allows you to adjust and hide flaws figures. Surround the bottom kompensiruet a fitted jacket or blouse, straight cut.

Business card Safari of style

The best that can be imagined as a female version of the style Safari is the MIDI dress. The length should be just above the knees or completely cover them.

Dress often made in beige, sand or brown color. Due to the variety of styles and colors dress Safari you can wear for a walk, going to a restaurant or cafe.

Dress Safari is appropriate for public events. Restraint shades and casual modesty will allow you to create a unique and attractive way.

Office dress patterns-Safari decorative deprived of the numerous pockets inherent in traditional dress in the African style. The optimum length just above the knee, which corresponds to the generally accepted dress code.

The variety of colors of Safari style

Monochrome distinctive feature of «African» style. The soothing sand, beige, white, gray, khaki, orange is justified by the conditions of origin of the style.

The main task of the clothing possible to merge with the environment, which is why they were used sudovye neutral shades of pink, peach, camel, brown, shades of green.

Modern Safari style with bright accents such as yellow, blue, green colors, which are increasingly found in the collections of famous designers.

Presented Oscar de la Renta suits, Safari-style rich blue and have a traditional comfortable fit does not restrict movement.

Designers offer to dilute the monochrome image of the elements of bright green and yellow.

Lot of popularity not only in clothes of the style of Safari, but other styles are gaining animalistic and floral prints.

Best «African» style in harmony with the patterns that mimic the natural color of the leopard, snake or Zebra.

Stylish images in Safari style

The Safari style as a combination of several fashion trends very functional and practical. Adhering to the basic tenets of «African» style fashionista can every day to create unique and extraordinary images.

It attracts designers from around the world and ordinary girls to such an original style of clothing.

Total-bow Safari

Mono-bow in «African» style and fits in with the city everyday images.

Combine the classic Bermuda with free shirt sand color. In this way can not do without accessories like layered necklaces, large bracelets or braided belts.

Short shorts wear with jackets, similar shades. The contrast between the bottom and top of your image will emphasize the slimness of your legs. This combination will give the ease and playfulness of the image and is ideal for summer walks.

Business image in the Safari style

Add a bit of individuality in the business style will allow pencil skirt sand color, combined with a jacket or shirt of the same hue.

Attractive business bow to the bottom in Safari style – it can be a pencil skirt, a circle skirt with a white blouse and a boxy fit.

Harmonious and sleek look of the combination of high-waisted pants in Safari style with contrasting top, but quiet shades.

Choosing the top for bows in «African» style is pay attention to the basic accents patch pockets. Large pockets complete the look, making it truly stylish.

Legendary dress in Safari style is perfect not only for travel but also for everyday work. This business image can be supplemented with graceful hat light shades, a small bag and a wide belt embellished with bold buckle.

Do not forget about accessories, which is unthinkable without the style of urban predators. They must be bulky and major, such as wooden beads or bangles, brooches made of amber, wood and semi-precious stones.

Safari – extravagant clothing style, past a long way the trendy transformation. Modern clothing styles African subjects absorbed the practicality and style the many fashion seasons and was transformed into an attractive and comfortable clothes for everyday images.

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