Ryzen processors helped AMD to increase its market share

AMD Ryzen finally entered the market and sold for some time. And this is enough time to see Lee said somehow the emergence of Ryzen on the location of the force on the processor market.

PassMark analysts believe that the impact. At the end of the first quarter of this year, AMD’s share increased to 20.3% and the share of Intel fell to 79.7%. At the end of last year the share of companies respectively 17.8% and 82.2%.

However, here it should be noted that the data PassMark is very specific. The fact that the company does not operate a sales or deliveries of the CPU. Instead, it takes the basis of data on the results of its tests ON assessing a number of real PC based on particular processors on which the program was launched PassMark.

Unfortunately, other data on the balance of power in the CPU market yet, but they clearly will soon appear.



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