Ryzen 7 processor 1700 can overclock to about 3.8 to 4.0 GHz

As you know, all the AMD Ryzen will have an unlocked multiplier, which will allow you to overclock the CPU. However, this will need a motherboard with the appropriate chipset.

Initially, the market will only be three CPU: 7 1800X Ryzen, Ryzen Ryzen 7 and 7 1700X 1700. It is lower frequency and lower TDP. More specifically, it operates at frequencies of 3.0-3.7 GHz. But since this CPU is still the most affordable, many would be interested to take it, to disperse and to obtain an analogue of the more expensive models.

First experiments show that this CPU if you use liquid WITH can be overclocked to about 4 GHz. Of course, everything will depend on the specific instance, but while it is possible to focus on this indicator. Your role in the success to play and the motherboard. One source claims that when you use a budget model processor can be overclocked only to 3.8 GHz.



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