Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 has received the signal, possibly with extraterrestrial origin

Mankind listens to the cosmos for quite some time. Radio telescopes in many scattered around the world, although, of course, have many other problems, rather than searching for signals from extraterrestrial civilizations.

The SETI project (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was launched in 1959. Since that time, we have not yet found the brothers on reason, although you can remember the signal «Wow!» passed in 1977 and remained undeciphered.

So a few days ago it became known that on may 15 last year, the Russian radio telescope RATAN-600 (the largest in the world) was adopted by an unusual signal, which, in theory, could belong to an advanced civilization.

Presumably, the source served HD164595 star system in the constellation Hercules, located at a distance of 95 light years from us. The public about the signal became known only this week. This star has at least one planet, however, it is unsuitable for life in the standard sense. But perhaps revolve around the sun and other planets.

Scientists say that the strength of the signal clearly indicates a highly developed civilization as a minimum level of humanity. However, all this is true for the case that the signal is indeed of extraterrestrial origin. Later the SETI stated that with high probability the signal still has an earthly origin, although this is not known reliably.

Whatever it was, back in 1968 science fiction writer Stanislaw LEM has written a wonderful novel «the voice of the Lord» in which he described the case of the adoption by humanity of an alien signal. Despite the fact that the study of the signal brought people to many scientific discoveries, most of them have not been fully explored due to the limited abilities of humans. As a result, the mysterious signal remained an Enigma. It is possible that when we do fix the signal of extraterrestrial origin, we are nothing to do with him, because we simply do not have enough knowledge.



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