Russian developers have presented Replika — service to create a digital copy of a person

Russian team Luka presented the service Replika, which using neural network and artificial intelligence technology should enable users to create their own digital copy.

The developers claim that your virtual copy, communicating with you and using the information from your social networking profiles (all personal information is securely promise to protect), will gradually become smarter. In the future, you will receive a personal assistant who can hold a conversation, find information, schedule meetings, do work and so on. The creators describe a rather frightening scenario when your copy will be able to chat with your friends.

«Our goal is to create full-fledged artificial intelligence that will not only communicate and help to solve problems, but also become a digital reflection of the man will be able to keep his memory forever. The whole team was inspired by the movie Her by spike Jonesy» — say the creators of the Replika.

At the moment Replika is at the stage of closed beta testing, you can reserve a name for your bot on the official website on the link at the end of this article. The app is scheduled to launch in six months, initially, the communication will be in English only.


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