Russia and the United States will be one of the main markets for Android Go

During a recent event Google I/O, the search giant introduced the Android operating system Go. This is a special version of Android that will be better to work on budget smartphones, as well as offer adapted versions of the applications and services that take into account the limited hardware capabilities of the devices, and limited networks of mobile operators.

First Android Go, as it was believed, would focus exclusively on emerging markets, where the share of low-cost smartphones is much higher, and there are problems in the quality of cellular networks and introduction of new technologies in this field.

Indeed, as it became known later, the main market for Android Go will be India. In addition, important markets for this OS version, the company considers Africa, Russia and Southeast Asia.

However, the second most important market Google considers the United States. Rather, citing data from IDC, Google indicates that the US is the world’s second biggest market in terms of sales of smartphones costing about $ 100. In this case, due to the popularity of prepaid devices. In particular, the majority of operators offering these smartphones are «free» when signing a two-year contract.

In the end, Patrick Torstensson (Patrik Tortensson), occupying the post of technical Director of Google, said that since the official launch of Android Go all smartphones equipped with a RAM up to 1 GB included, get Android Go. Recall, each of the Android OS starting with Android O, will get its version of Android Go.
Google claims that a third of all smartphones shipped this year will belong to the price segment up to $ 100.



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