Rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not be the usual headphone Jack

Today, the Network appeared several rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S8. We already wrote about the possibility of the appearance of the unit stereo speakers Harman. Now reported about several nuances of the smartphone.

First, he allegedly would be deprived of the headphone Jack. We will remind, today from outdated according to some free port of the Apple iPhone 7, Moto Z and a couple of models.

From this stems the second feature of the Galaxy S8 USB port. Samsung first (and so far only once) used this connector in the model Galaxy Note7, but its fate is known to all. Actually, that Galaxy S8 will get a modern connector, you can guess immediately after the announcement Note7.

And finally, the resource SamMobile also reports that the new flagship of the Korean giant will retain a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. You will use a Super AMOLED panel, but made of «new material». It says that the display will have a standard arrangement of subpixels (RGB). To his credit, will be reduced power consumption.



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