Rumors attributed the Nintendo Switch single-chip system Nvidia Tegra with Maxwell GPU generation

On the hardware platform Nintendo Switch reliable data is almost there. It is known that the device is based on a single-chip system, which was developed by Nvidia. Earlier rumors claimed that this SoC contains generation Pascal GPU though Nvidia didn’t say that.

Now, new evidence had to Switch some SoC with GPU generation Maxwell, that is the previous generation. Supposedly because of this, the console’s performance lower than the PlayStation 4. However, the fact that it is less, we heard even before the preliminary announcement.

What SOC is used in a Switch, the source said. Most likely, it was a custom solution that is not seen in any other device. But we may recall that Nvidia has Tegra X1 SoC, configuration which includes GPU with 256 CUDA cores architecture Maxwell. The solution is not found in smartphones, but its gaming performance higher than any other consumer SoC market.

Also the question arises, by what process produced single-chip system to Switch, because the same Tegra X1 was designed for the norms of 20 nm.



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