Rumors attribute the Radeon RX Vega 64 performance in 70-100 MH/s when mining Ethereum

Recently AMD representatives said that the delay in entering the market of graphics cards Vega, among other things, has been associated with the company’s desire to have a good supply of adapters at the start of sales. AMD knew that the boom in cryptocurrency can cause a deficiency of those first days, and tried to avoid it.

According to new data, graphics, and players wishing to get cards Vega, there really is something to fear.

According to the source, the performance of 3D-card Radeon RX Vega 64 in the extraction of currency, Ethereum will be 70-100 of megahexe per second (MH/s)! For comparison, the fastest cards AMD and Nvidia to date, cost performance at the level of 30 megahexe per second.

It is reported that the performance in this mode was almost doubled after the next driver update, which along with improved gaming performance adapter.

Note that the performance of a professional card Vega Frontier is now about the same 30 megahexe per second. Given the almost complete identity of the adapter with the game version, which grew to double or even triple the performance hard to believe, so this information should be treated accordingly. If this is even close to reality, new AMD clearly swept away from the shelves and warehouses in a matter of days or weeks.



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