Royal Yacht Brokers will accept cryptocurrencies as payment for the rental of luxury yachts

International brokerage yacht company Royal Yacht Brokers (RYB), specializing in the yacht brokerage and yacht Charter the top segment, announced that it will accept cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as valuable metals such as gold and platinum, as payment for their services.

Watching the growing use of cryptocurrencies in the real estate market, RYB came to the view that the dissemination of this practice to other markets — only a matter of time. The company decided not to lag behind the fashion and become the first representative of the industry, a host of new payment tools. As stated, the innovation will allow to reduce prices RYB and to significantly accelerate the calculations.

To process payments for RYB Goldmoney is a company specializing in investment operations with precious metals.

For reference, the RYB company, established in Italy in 2010, has offices in several countries, providing instant access to more than 2,000 mega-yachts worldwide. In RYB, financiers, politicians and stars of show business.



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