Roskomnadzor can fine any company with the feedback form on the website

Product Director at Notamedia Alexey Borodkin has published on his page on the social network Facebook, which applies to all companies with their Internet sites.

Even if your company website is only a few pages, you can be fined by Roskomnadzor. The main condition — the presence of the feedback form. Roskomnadzor explains their actions by the fact that these companies violate the law on personal data. And even if the feedback form on the website consists of the standard fields «name-subject-message text», while the first field is not mandatory.

The first cases of any court verdicts and recognition of companies guilty of administrative violations was recorded in the Tambov and Astrakhan. To appeal against a court decision failed. Punishment in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 1,000 rubles is not so scary, what is important is the precedent.

Not to get a penalty, you need all the feedback forms to accompany the confidentiality agreements, as well as to ask users to give consent to the processing of personal data. Moreover, all messages sent via the feedback form, should be stored as personal data.

Alexey Borodkin, who raised the topic in Facebook, added that the feedback form on the website of Roskomnadzor not decorated accordingly.


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