Roobo PuddingBeanQ — robot companion with the AI for children

CES 2017, many manufacturers have brought robots. The company Roobo showed a robot companion for children PuddingBeanQ. According to the manufacturer, the robot that uses artificial intelligence technology, can communicate with baby in a natural language, answering questions, telling poems and stories, teaching the basics of music and mathematics.

The robot understands about fifty languages. He is able to show emotions and respond to touch. In addition, PuddingBeanQ, watching the movements of the child, can adjust its posture and to promote the development of healthy habits in personal hygiene and training.

Sale PuddingBeanQ will begin in March. The illustration shows the previous model’s Pudding, which is PuddingBeanQ. By the way, Pudding S is the most sold in China robot companion.

Source: Roobo


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