Roma now sell fake bitcoins

Fun for readers and not really for the characters of the incident, the information was spread today in Runet. A resident of Obninsk member of the group «Typical Obninsk» the social network «Vkontakte», told about how her husband became a victim of fraud.

«Intelligent-looking Gypsies» engaged in fishing near Aksenovskaya Department store, however, if before this category of fraud is is offered inexpensive jewelry, passing it off as the product of real gold, in an era of high technology they had to develop new scenarios.

A resident of the first science city in Russia, as many advanced users have heard about bitcoins, but when he offered to purchase two coins at 500 rubles apiece, he decided that luck finally smiled at him. Today 1 bitcoin is worth about 250 thousand.

Just came home and tried to sell the coins, he realized that it was a fake. Judging by the photos, the man got a gift of bitcoin, which in China are sold at a price of 10 cents apiece.


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