Rocket Lab will launch its first small launch vehicle Electron in the next couple of months

The last time the electric car market attracts more and more young companies that immediately announce their development, although the start of production may take many years.

Apparently, the space industry may also soon become mainstream. At least the number of start-UPS, to claim their ambitions in this market, too, began to grow actively.

One of them is the company Rocket Lab which yesterday during another round of financing has attracted $ 75 million. However, the company is not really that young. The basic idea is to launch rockets with a payload as often as possible. Naturally, a large launch vehicles for these purposes are not suitable. Why Rocket Lab is developing a booster Electron.

Electron uses an oxygen-kerosene engines Rutherford, all components are created by three-dimensional printing. The first stage of the Electron is equipped with nine such engines that provides traction 162 kN (peak — 192 kN). The second stage is equipped with a special version of the Rutherford engine, providing thrust of 22 kN. Overall booster height of 17 m can be put into orbit up to 225 kg of cargo. As this is a very modest value, the main clients of Rocket Lab — a company which need in large quantity to launch small satellites.

One run of the Electron will cost us $ 4.9 million, which is many times cheaper than the launches of large rockets. At this point, a Rocket Lab there are three unfinished rocket. One of them passes the final test and the other two are in the process of Assembly. The first launch is scheduled for the next couple of months.

The total investment, which attracted Rocket Lab since inception in 2006, is 148 million dollars. The market value of the company exceeds $ 1 billion.



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