Rocket Lab successfully launched its compact booster Electron

In March, we wrote about the company Rocket Lab, which has developed a small launch vehicle Electron. Due to the relatively low cost, it can afford to launch often enough. On orbit, this booster can bring 225 kg of cargo.

Yesterday, the company successfully conducted the first launch of Electron. By the way, Rocket Lab became the first company that launched a rocket orbiting a class with a private launch pad. However, it is worth noting that this time the planned height could not be reached. The company has yet to determine the cause.

This launch was the first of the three test, which is scheduled for the current year. During the second company will try to still achieve a specified height and at the same time to maximize the load booster. Rocket Lab expects in the end to reach the milestone of 50 runs per year, although it has a resolution of 120.



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