Robots and AI will take people to the usual jobs, but will cause new

The head of the Department of information and communication technology (ICT) company SK Telecom Lee Ho-soo (Lee Ho-soo) made a presentation about the fourth industrial revolution event at the Korea CQ Forum.

Lee Ho-soo, who is an experienced developer in the field of artificial intelligence, said that robots and AI will take people to the usual jobs, but people will be able to engage in new activities.

«I say this with great caution, but in the course of the fourth industrial revolution about half of the jobs to which we are accustomed will disappear. What we today call «work», will be split across a number of tasks. So there Novia concept of «work»».

«As robots begin to replace humans, will increase the demand for part-time employment. Today, many companies prefer to hire freelancers and independent contract agents, but not to keep employees. Some work has already begun to share on subtypes».

In the foreseeable future will be stable jobs that require professionalism, emotional, creative and social approach, as well as other jobs that are difficult to automate.

As for new jobs, they will be created to meet the needs caused by new ICT, entertainment, smart devices, next generation networks, and so on.

Lee Ho-soo added that 40% of today’s companies will cease to exist after 10 years.


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