Robot Xiaofa became a member of the court in Beijing

One of the people’s courts of the Chinese capital have recently started working a new employee. It’s a robot Sanbot King Kong developed by QIHAN. Adapted to the needs of the court instance is Xiaofa. As stated, it performs basic services in the courthouse.

According to its creators, Xiaofa remember and can explain more than 7,000 laws and regulations, allowing it to help visitors who would like to receive information about the trial, its rules and the details of the previous hearings.

Robot rising 1.5 m equipped with cameras and microphones that allow him to navigate in space and to communicate with people. The intellectual component of the robot, including speech recognition, IBM Watson provides and Nuance.

Allegedly, from the introduction of robots, such Xiaofa, win as court staff, whose work is facilitated, and the visitors, because it reduces the waiting time.

This year the robots Xiaofa appears in several Chinese courts. Read more about robot Sanbot King Kong the manufacturer promises to tell at CES 2018 in January next year.


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