Robot Tertill will take the lead in weeding beds

The Roomba had a cousin-gardener. It’s called Tertill and resembles a Roomba. Task Tertill — to weed beds, removing everything unnecessary like Roomba does with trash on the floor.

The similarity with the Roomba is not random, because the development Tertill was one of the creators of the robot cleaner.

Food gardener provides built-in solar battery. So he not plucked shoots are needed, they should be fenced with special rings included in the kit. Provided and weeding of plots of a given length.

The robot connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. There is a USB port — it is used to charging when solar energy is insufficient.

Of course, the robot’s capabilities impose some restrictions on the layout of the landing. Between cultural plants must have enough free space, and the bed should be as smooth, so the robot is not stuck. And so he went to weed the neighbor’s garden, the area should be fenced. Verify that the robot is not pulling out weeds from the root and bevel them so that the procedure must be repeated constantly.

It remains to add that on June 13 on Kickstarter start fundraising for the release Tertill. The campaign will show how in demand will be the idea of a robot gardener, who, according to preliminary data, will cost about $300.

Sources: Engadget, Franklin Robotics


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