Robot smartphone Sharp RoBoHoN has become cheaper, but it is still too expensive

In the spring of last year, Sharp introduced an unusual robot smartphone RoBoHoN, which received the projector, a small display, outdated SoC Snapdragon 400, and also the ability to accept voice commands, answer them, walk and even dance.

All good, except that it’s a miracle the Japanese was estimated at $ 1,800! It is very expensive even for the market of domestic robots-toys, not to mention the smartphone with very mediocre options.

A half later, Sharp decided to release RoBoHoN cheaper. A new version is available «only» for $ 1,230 and the difference lies in the lack of the modem for cellular communications. Rather, it is simply disabled so as to remove it from a system on a chip is impossible.

Otherwise there is no difference. There is still the same old platform, same old Android OS 5.0, but the same set of abilities. Except that now the robot will need to connect to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, the source does not have sales data for the past year and a half.



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