Robot Segway Loomo Go developed by Segway Robotics

During the event, Auvsi Xponential 2017 Executive Director of the Intel Brian Krzanich (Brian Krzanich) went on stage on a Segway, which turned out to be much more complex device.

We are talking about the robot Loomo Go, which is designed to help people and deliver a variety of things, self-focusing in space. During the demonstration, Brian Krzanich asked Loomo Go to bring water. After the robot brought a bottle of water, he kindly asked if he could help Brian with something else.

The robot, which was developed by Segway Robotics can recognize English and Chinese languages. It is equipped with Intel RealSense technology, which allows him to create a three-dimensional model and a two-dimensional map of the world, moving to your goal with ease around obstacles. In addition, the robot can read people’s faces and determine human emotions.

You can also give the task of Loomo Go just to follow a person, for example, to carry some shopping or bags. These robots should find application in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, stores and so on.

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