Robot ball Sphero Mini is offered for $50

Sphero, which is engaged in various robotic toys, announced the immediate availability of the most available in an assortment of novelties called Sphero Mini.

For $ 50, buyers get a ball the size of a ping-pong table, which is equipped with a gyroscope, accelerometer and led.

You can control Sphero Mini via an app for smartphones, competing with each other in agility of overcoming certain routes, as well as in several other games. Complete with Sphero Mini comes a set of cones and Kegel. Conversely, Sphero Mini can act as a controller in games for the smartphone.

The radius of the Sphero Mini is 10 m, Mini Sphero is charging for about an hour, and the battery life is 45 minutes.

At the moment the developers are testing the app that will allow you to program the behavior of the Sphero Mini with the help of JavaScript.


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