Robot 360 Presence transforms unused smartphone into a surveillance camera on the turret

The company People Power has introduced a product Presence 360, which the developers call «the world’s first robot for CCTV camera with viewing angle of 360°». As stated, Presence 360 eliminates the «blind spots» in their home security system.

In fact, Presence is a 360 turret, which is fitted to a smartphone. His camera is used for surveillance, and Presence 360 allows you to direct it in certain points. The camera can describe a selected trajectory, stopping at predetermined points to a pre-specified period of time.

Programming Presence 360 is performed by using another smartphone running the free app «Presence», available for iOS and Android. The application also receives notifications if the field of view of the camera detected motion.

The robot can be purchased separately for $99 or bundled with intrusion sensors, motion, humidity, temperature and touch. A set of Presence Security Pack costs $299. Now fundraising on the issue of 360 Presence is on the website Indiegogo.

Source: Indiegogo


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